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Language Education Resources


Irasshai: Welcome to Japanese

Sponsored by Georgia Public Broadcasting, this is a true distance learning course carried via television, satellite, telephone and the World Wide Web. The course includes Real Audio on the web.
(Japanese and English)

Kyoto Japanese Language School

The Kyoto Center for Japanese Linguistic Studies.
(Japanese and English)

Information of Japanese Language School

Japanese language schools: How to get started, what are the legal requirments, and what schools are available. Good stuff, Maynard.

Cornell Intensive Japanese Program

Intensive program for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week for up to a year. Tuition is roughly $5,000 for Summer semester, or $24,000 for the year. Native speaker instruction on the Cornell campus, Ithaca, New York. Fellowships available.


The Japanese Page.com

An excellent resource for learning Japanese, finding language learning resources like dictionaries, mail lists, online forums, links and various fun stuff.
Highly Recommended

Japanese Lessons

Taught by Tomoko Yamamoto, it begins with the basics - including how to make your system display Japanese. The site includes links to other Japanese web sites for practice in using what it teaches. A new lesson is added every week, and all the old ones stay available. Leap on in.


The online presence of Mangajin. Mangajin is a teaching magazine that combines manga (Japanese comics) with language instruction to provide unique cultural as well as linguistic instruction. Recommended.


With online tutorials for both the kanas and the kanji along with a history of the written language of Japan, this site can provide you with a foundation in written Japanese. No special software is required. The sponsors of this site sell the 'WordMaster' multimedia dictionary software for the Macintosh, but it is not required to use their site - which is free.

Nihongo Journal

Nihongo Journal's website is the online extension of the monthly magazine devoted to teaching Nihongo. Highly recommmended in either form.

Dialect Web

Dialect Web makes Spectra Kanji, a kanji teaching package, for $300 US. I haven't heard anything else about them, so I can't say if it is good or bad. They also sell the Canon Wordtank (very recommended) and the Kanji Kit.

NTT's Language Class

Introduction to learning Japanese. Part of the Japan Window joint project with Stanford University. The presentation is a bit graphics heavy (expect to spend quite a bit of time downloading the large GIFs used) - but interesting.


LESSON/J is an online Java based dictation quiz system that I found to be quite excellent. It provides clear speech, quick loading times and a well designed system for all levels of learner from beginner to advanced that I enjoyed quite a bit. It has support for English, Malaysian, Chinese, Korean and of course Japanese. Highly Recommended.
(Japanese and English)


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