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Japanese Computing Resources

Japanese Display and Entry

Japanese Word Processeor (JWP)

Stephen Chung's awesome, and free, contribution, JWP does not require any special system support, running under both Windows 3.1 and Win95. It includes built-in and external dictionary support, bitmapped fonts, and printing fonts. Strongly Recommended.
(Manual / Software)

Romaji Post Office

Koichiro Miyazaki offers a web based email service that allows you to send and receive mail in Japanese without installing Japanese support on your own machine. Sent mail is currently limited to conversion to hiragana and katakana. Any graphical browser should be able to use this service.

Enabling Japanese under English OS/2

Alan Barbour has made a lot of his experience available explaining how to get Japanese support to work in OS/2 - many of his suggestions also work in Windows 3.1.


The source for Japanese enabling Linux (and Unix systems in general) systems. Craig Oda has woven together the many seperate things you need to do into a good one stop comprehensive guide.