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Japanese Views of Religion

A fascinating article written by Eido Tai Shimano that contrasts Western and Japanese views of religion from the Japanese perspective. This thoughtful acticle will certainly give you a new perspective.

Inspiring: Shrines

An introduction to Japanese shrines by Hideomi Nihira. A little light, but covers the essentials. Also has some thumbnail summaries of the various religions practiced in Japan.

Japanese Shrines and Temples

A good quick overview of Japanese Buddhism and Shintoism, with an orientation towards Shinto Shrines and Buddhist Temples.

Encylopedia Mythica: Japanese Mythology

Thumbnail summaries of the gods, demons and legends of Japan. Not a lot of depth, but covers hundreds of items of Japanese Mythology. Frame and non-frame versions are both available.

Religion in Japan and Aum Shinrikyo

News piece on the sycretic nature of religion in Japan, with links to some interesting statistics.

J-World's Religion Area

Links to information regarding Japanese religions. Text only - which makes it quite fast. A little light overall though.


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