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Currently the Arts, Language, and Links sections are mostly completed; Geography and Culture are partially completed.
People, Government, and History are not available yet. We are working steadily to bring all the sections online. Thank you for visiting us.

What is nihongo.org?

nihongo.org is dedicated to advancing personal, cultural and artistic awareness and communication between Japanese and non-Japanese people. To that end, nihongo.org provides starting points for exploring Japanese and Japanese-related web sites with an emphasis on the people, culture, art and language of Japan and the personal views and perspectives on Japan by both native Japanese and others who have lived in, are now living in, or intend to live in Japan.

I have tried to focus not on dry facts (although you can find them here as well) but on people and their stories of life in Japan. I hope you find nihongo.org interesting and worth your time.

[Culture] [Geography] [Government] [History] [Language] [Arts] [People] [Links]

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